About Us

The Role of Women in Peace Processes

Thank you so much for visiting the Independent Monitoring Commission website. We hope that you have explored our website and seen for yourself the work that we do.

The Independent Monitoring Commission is technically a small organisation based in the United States. However, we have a huge mandate, working with various countries in their various peace processes. Our strength is in our monitoring, review and assessments of developments in the various peace tables and in the reporting of the results. We do this in order to ensure transparency in the peace processes being done globally and to complement the work of peace facilitators.

The Independent Monitoring Commission works similarly to the body of the same name that has been created for the Northern Ireland peace process. Note that we have been inspired by this commission although our reach is far greater, working with various governments, non-government and armed groups in pursuit of our mandate.

We started as a very small group in the United States that was simply focused in monitoring peace processes across the globe. However, due to the work that we do and the reports that we have been coming up with, various organisations started approaching us to ask for assistance in generating in depth reports about peace processes. Currently, we are working with at least 10 countries in their peace processes. We cover various regions and continents. We hope to continue with this work until after peace processes have been settled and resolved.

We offer our assistance to all countries, governments and groups. If you feel that you require our services, please do not hesitate to let us know We will be happy to provide technical assistance and whatever you require in order to help push peace processes forward. Thank you so much and we sincerely wish you the best.